Huna Huna Cliff Resort: An Ideal Place To Relax And Meditate


Are you and your significant other looking for a nice place to spend some quality time and unwind, a place that’s quiet and not too far from the city? Are you tired of the fast-paced city lifestyle and want to take a short break? Catmon’s Huna Huna Cliff Resort may just be the right location for you. The Cebuano word “huna huna” translates to “think” or “reflect” in the English language; and I believe it fits. The Huna Huna Cliff Resort looks like the ideal place for meditation. It can be a place to contemplate on things in life, or simply have a quiet time away from the city. I can definitely see myself spending my afternoon reading a book in one of their verandas, while I sip on some nice hot tea. Then watch as the sun sets to make way for the moon.   Inspired by Spanish-Mediterranean homes built by the escarpments. This beautifully-structured cliff resort has twelve rooms available for spending the night. You have two options, to stay in their air-conditioned rooms or opt for the fan rooms. It does get cold at night when you’re by the beach, so I’m sure it’s all right to [...]

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Reminisce Huna Huna Cliff Resort


Huna Huna Cliff Resort, Catmon Town Huna Huna Cliff Resort is a nice establishment right on a cliff by the sea of Cebu Province. It is a Spanish-Mediterranean style resort with private verandas. Huna Huna (transliteration for ‘thinking’ or ‘to think’ in Cebuano language) is located at the coast of Catmon Town in the northern part of Cebu Province, Philippines. This resort by the cliff is about 45 kilometers from Cebu City, the provincial capital of this Visayan island. It simply means that you don't have to spend that much time to reach and enjoy this fantastic resort by the sea. It is also very accessible by any vehicle since it is very close to the national highway. Rooftop view of Huna Huna Cliff Resort's rooftop restaurant overlooking the great blue sea of Catmon, Cebu Huna Huna Cliff Resort's Facilities & Services Well, let’s start describing the most important part of this establishment… Huna Huna’s Restaurant The restaurant is set at the rooftop of the main building for the guests to have great and panoramic views of the marvelous blue ocean. It basically serves various traditional Filipino dishes and international cuisine as well. They are known to have the superb [...]

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Huna Huna Beach Resort: A Sweet Spot in Catmon


Craving for a refreshing blend of discovery, excitement and relaxation? Head on to northern Cebu where you can find the sweetest spot in Catmon, the Huna Huna Beach Resort. Perched the hillside overlooking the Camotes Sea, and with its Marble Tiles intricately put together,

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